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Traditional Songs For Today

Traditional Songs For Today

Undoubtedly, the music market is transforming swiftly, real-time streaming music, videos, mp3 download capabilities, radio airplay, blog publications, podcast as well as even vinyl is back. Who knows; will cassette tapes and 8 track tapes resurface again? The key to all of this is having audio that moves you. As many videotaping artists today, for example, another musician of yesteryear, there are still a couple of traditional producers that still obtained the funk; groove and music that truly touches the soul.


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Pemac Records is a Gospel Music Label Company on a mission to spread the Gospel through the promotion of Gospel Music around the world, It is built with the mind to breed a new set of upcoming artist and worshippers of God through high quality Praises and worship of Jehovah most High and to make Gospel Music accessible to everyone in an easy way through a well optimized and Mobile Friendly platform.

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