Music Industry Sharks – How to Discover the Unscrupulous Lots Of in the Music Company

There are a lot of individuals around claiming to be music marketing experts, music promotion specialists, and social media sites, professionals. Yep – Actually thousands upon thousands. When it pertains to advertising and marketing and publicizing your music you have a variety of excellent options. RIGHT? Wrong – lots of options – yes however the number of them is genuinely worth their salt? Few!

For some reason deceitful “music-want to-bees” victimize artists – I do not understand why possibly they assume they are a simple soft touch. Possibly they do not such as musicians or even worse yet – do not like music. (WOW) A great deal of these folks are or were artists themselves, or maybe an intern someplace in the songs business, or love music. They believe this gives them the right to announce themselves a music marketing expert, or even worse yet, a music press agent which takes several years of songs sector experience, as well as the buildup of hundreds of music media, get in touches with, as well as additionally, market the very best possible product and services that will increase your songs occupation.

Well right here is what I have to state concerning that: I have been a musician myself— albeit a longer period earlier, at that time, there were still lots of music industry scam artists. I have actually experienced the deep pain of being screwed by unscrupulous people claiming to be my savior in the service of the songs. The Internet and also the leveling of the independent music playing field have opened a massive amount of opportunities for these sharks and scammers to function their game. The only means my band ended up being successful was large luck – we located the right sincere individuals.

Right here is a list to seriously take into consideration when selecting your best publicist or marketing solution:

Examine their qualifications – And also follow this checklist

Do they have a praiseworthy online existence?

Do they have thousands of reviews? Or, as I like to call them TRUSTIMONIALS – Examine their referrals!

How many years of experience do they have? Verify this

Have they composed hundreds of posts concerning songs marketing?

Do they belong to many high-profile songs market organizations?

Does the prospective marketing professional or publicist answer every one of your questions

or do they discreetly avert them?

Will they tell you who as well as where they will be promoting your music with?

i.e. their songs media affiliations – or do they inform you to wait and see?

Have you seen tried and tested samples of their work?

Will they provide you what they are promising in composing?

Prior to you make a choice consider –


In addition to doing magnum opus that helps you with your profession, these are possibly the 3 essential components to take into consideration

If any or all of the above credential checks are not in the favorable category–.


Being fortunate adequate to uncover the right people for our task back then, I’m not claiming that it’s difficult to do so. I’m simply claiming that it is so unbelievably crucial, nowadays specifically, to do your homework and also due diligence prior to you spend your hard-earned money. Many indie artists get on a small spending plan and also every penny suggests something to them. Put in the time to potentially consult a worthy song market specialist. Many will certainly be able to acknowledge a scam when they see it.

So, to all you unscrupulous sharks out there waiting to swoop down on the next unwary musician, sorry regarding composing this article – but you need to be subjected. Consequently, I am not sorry. It’s people like you that offer the music company, sincere press agents as well as songs marketers a bad name. Pity for you! I enjoy my Indies and all artists and artists and it harms to see them capitalized on. Try an additional niche’ – perhaps individuals that need advertising help in selling rockets or commercial services and products. BUT – Leave Our Songs Specific Niche’ Alone !!