Why Musicians Must Use Service Cards

Calling card, we’ve all had them. Some of us swear by them, others say “neh” as well as eliminate them. Whatever kind you are, I’m sure somebody’s handed you one eventually. As well as you probably believed, “what the hell am I meant to do with this?” Or possibly you resembled “sweet guy, I’m gonna call you as soon as possible.” In any case, it most likely got you thinking. You may have believed, “wow this person comes prepared.” I seriously doubt you assumed, “heh, look this man, what a dinosaur, still uses calling card.”

In this short article, we’re most likely to have a look at a couple of things you can do with calling cards to stand apart amongst the sea of musicians around, as well as why business cards for musicians still can be made use of today.


Okay, it’s kind of fascinating that in 2018 we’re still speaking about them. I suggest we’re supposed to have hover-boards, flying cars, and trucks, self-tying shoes, as well as time travel ought to be a thing of the past. Sorry, Marty, we’re not there yet.

As the globe ends up being increasingly more digitized with points like SoundCloud, Spotify, and also Facebook it might seem like business cards for musicians are a little bit old-fashioned. However, are they? Well, we’re people, so it’s just all-natural that we such as the human touch. Handing something substantial to one more individual has much more of an influence rather than an additional ‘like’ or ‘follow’ on social media. In 2016 paper books made a 7% boost in sales while books made a decline of 4%. A big attributor to this was grown-up coloring publications as well as children favoring paper publications over a Kindle or iPad. What does this recommend? I believe it’s kind of clear. We do not such as whatever in our lives to be digital. We like things that have structure and also we can keep in our hands. Digital can simply get a little as well sterilized at times.

Pressures You To Network

When you learn the understanding of something on your own, you take responsibility for it. Similarly, when you spend cash on something, you’re more likely to use it. A Facebook web page or a Twitter account cost nothing. So it’s a lot easier to provide it the old ‘oh tomorrow, tomorrow’ adage. It does not feel as well as good pocket money on that New Year’s resolution workout tools for it to simply rest there, collecting dust. Yet what occurs when you utilize it and also you start to see outcomes. You most likely feel like a million bucks. Well, when you’ve spent money on some calling card, I wager you anything you feel respectable when you begin utilizing them and begin meeting individuals. All the while putting you in the best mindset to obtain you off your ass as well as get to those networking events or accumulate the nerve to speak to that individual that might make the distinction.

What To Place on Them?

Your basic setup should be quality stock (supply = kind of paper). A good 16pt paper or 38pt triple split paper functions perfectly. Prevent basic, cookie-cutter designs or pictures. Make certain your calling card consist of the following:

Your name
Provider gave
Phone number
SoundCloud, Spotify, Facebook, or YouTube
Your website LINK
Don’t bewilder people with each and every single social media site account you have. Supply the ones you use most and that ideal exemplifies you.
Be Creative

Your card is a representation of your creativity to a degree. So it ought to speak to you. Are you a simple and also monotonous person? After that, your calling card needs to be plain and also uninteresting. Are you a straightforward yet modern person? Then your calling card must speak of that. Try things like colorful histories, or adhere to the patterns of modern artwork and attempt to integrate that right into your layout. It does not need to quit there either. Why not have some funny quotes or summaries of your solutions? Don’t simply choose ‘guitar player’ or my preferred ‘pianist’. Make the line concerning who you are. Simply don’t overdo it.


Business cards aren’t the end-all. When you have them, you aren’t most likely to simply begin reserving outstanding jobs and also obtaining more jobs (possibly you will). They are simply a means of having your info well put for your possibility to take a rate of interest in what you need to offer. Then, that may drive them to your site or demonstration reels. A great looking calling card is just the initial step, the rest depends on you …

I ask you this

How many of you artists out there still use calling cards? What are your thoughts about them while we move an increasing number of right into digitization. Do people appreciate tangibility? For my networking musicians, if there were an internet site that aided musicians by taking the irritation out of making business cards and another paper promo, would you use it?